Bresc BV

Asparagus spring roll with a curry dip


  • 16 stalks white asparagus
  • 4 slices raw ham
  • 4 sheets brick pastry or spring roll pastry
  • 150 g Bresc Alioli clásico
  • 15 g Bresc Madras
  • 12 Bresc Cherry tomatoes garlic lemongrass
  • 5 g Bresc WOKginger
  • 1 egg white

Preparation method

Peel and cook the asparagus. Wrap four stalks of asparagus in the raw ham. Spread egg white on a sheet of spring roll pastry and place the bundle of ham and asparagus on it. Divide the WOKginger over it and fold into a spring roll. Deep-fry the spring rolls at 170°C for a few minutes. Mix the alioli with the Madras and garnish the plate with it.