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Modern chefs want chilled products

Bresc is the specialist in chilled garlic and herb products for the European gastronomic market. When we create our products, we look for pure flavours, optimal convenience and consistent quality. We’re inspired by the needs of culinary professionals. We’re on a permanent quest for new flavour sensations, novel concepts and different options for using products so that we can help chefs on a number of levels within the field of gastronomy, with our range of single herb purees and garlic to delectable spice melanges and ready-to-use solutions.

Our chilled products

In our view, the concept of chilled products means more than simply offering a range in the refrigerated section; in fact, they should be linked to convenience. The result is a fresh product, processed in such a way that chefs can use it without further effort. We have taken out much of the work in the process while preserving the product’s unique properties.

Our products have a longer shelf-life because they are refrigerated so less of the product is lost, resulting in more profit as well as convenience. Nonetheless, we do not use artificial aromas, colourings or flavourings; nor do we use unnecessary amounts of sugar, salt or acid. Our product development works with a “green list” and a “black list” for E-numbers which, in our view, should only be used in our products for a specific purpose. They should be essential and not alien to the product.

You see, they are all additions that affect the flavour of the product and consequently the chef’s dish. Chilled products should make the cooking process easier while delivering real flavours and offering more options for variety in new culinary creations.